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Midnight Moment is the world's largest and longest-running digital public art program. Presented nightly to millions of viewers each year, Midnight Moment showcases the work of contemporary artists on one of the most iconic public canvases — the electronic billboards of Times Square.

Synchronized nightly from 11:57pm to 12am on over 92 digital displays spanning 41st to 49th Streets, this program brings public art on a monumental scale to New Yorkers and visitors from all across the globe, 364 nights a year.

Presenting a new Midnight Moment each month, the program has featured the work of over 100 artists since 2012, thanks to the Times Square Advertising Coalition and our participating billboard operators.

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Shown on the Following Electronic Billboards

  • Outfront Media at 1515 BroadwayBroadway at 45th Street
  • Outfront Media at 1500 BroadwayBroadway between 43rd and 44th Streets
  • Outfront Media North End Domination2 Times Square, Seventh Ave at 48th Street
  • Outfront Media Digital Beast1530 Broadway at 44th Street
  • Outfront Media The Bird719 Seventh Ave at 48th Street
  • Paramount
  • Sensory Interactive, 30 Times Square 48th Street and 7th Avenue
  • Sephora 1535 Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets
  • Sherwood Equities 2 Times Square
  • Sherwood Equities 1600 Broadway
  • Show + Tell Express1552 Broadway at 46th Street
  • SILVERCAST Digital Spectacular - Times Square Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets
  • Swatch 1535 Broadway between 45th and 46th Streets
  • T-Mobile 1535 Broadway at 46th Street
  • TSX 1568 Broadway at 46th Street
  • JCDecaux Newstands
    • Broadway and 41st Street
    • 42nd Street and 7th Avenue
    • Broadway and 43rd Street
    • Broadway and 44th Street
    • 7th Avenue and 44th Street
    • Broadway and 48th Street
    • 7th Avenue and 49th Street