Krista Kim

Krista Kim’s Continuum is a soothing visual meditation presented on a monumental scale. Synchronized across 90 electronic billboards, a slowly shifting gradient of color washes over Times Square, creating a moment of calm amidst one of the most visually kinetic places in the world.

Kim’s peaceful digital reflection takes over Times Square as the world persists through a pandemic that has disrupted and transformed our everyday lives, mental health, and collective well-being for almost two full years. Using the technology of our times, she creates a communal space that allows viewers to decompress.

Hoping to shift her audiences into a state of positive digital consciousness, Kim draws from a massive database of LED light photography, photoshop, binary code and dynamic software along with leading digital printers and progressive engineers to produce her vibrant colorscapes. Originally produced in collaboration with Efren Mur, Kim originally created Continuum as a large-scale sound and light installation with Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder, who composed healing frequency music in correlation with the energy of Kim’s visuals. A special event to experience their collaboration of light and sound live from Times Square will be announced soon.

This Midnight Moment presentation is the next stop on the Continuum world tour, which has included appearances in China, Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, and an NFT auction curated by Steve Aoki.

A contemporary artist and founder of the Techism movement (2014), Krista Kim’s work explores the concept of the digital consciousness. Her interest in digital technology and its revolutionary effects on human perception, media, social structures, and communication had led her to work in both digital and physical mediums. Using digital software to provide meditative experiences of color and light, Kim has developed her signature language of shifting gradients since 2012. Influenced by artists such as Rothko, Duchamp, and James Turrell, Kim’s goal as an artist is to express complete digital consciousness and to shift viewers to this awareness — a truth behind our digital age that can ultimately result in something beautiful.

Most recently in 2020, Kim continued to explore the creative potential to utilize screens as digital instruments of well-being by creating 'Mars House': a completely virtual environment using her digital zen philosophy as the first "Metaverse home" for sale as an NFT in history in March, 2021. The piece received global acclaim and in March 2021 was the highest-grossing sale on an NFT on SuperRare.