Jonathan Henry, Taxiplasm

Times Square Advertising Coalition, Art Production Fund

For Midnight Moment's 2013 season launch, supernovas, cosmic collisions and stellar patterns lit the billboards in Times Square, turning the “Crossroads of the World” into the “Crossroads of the Universe.” Stasis is a celestial piece by artists Taxiplasm & Jonathan Henry. The synchronized art program was part of the largest coordinated effort in history by sign operators in Times Square to display daily, synchronized creative content.

Stasis was a compilation of several video painting variations creating a hypnotic landscape of color and motion. The piece was inspired by NASA photographs of celestial, cosmic activity and stellar patterns and shapes across the universe. Taxiplasm drew a parallel between the way gases majestically interact with one another and the imagery of organic fluids here on Earth - as if parts of the universe were intertwining to create offspring.

Alan High, Chairman of the Times Square Advertising Coalition and President & General Manager of Clear Channel Outdoor Spectacolor & Mall Divisions, said: “Stasis is a gorgeous and sweeping work that is perfect for kicking off our 2013 Midnight Moment program, which is designed to capture the imagination and dazzle all who come to Times Square.” 

Tim Tompkins, President of the Times Square Alliance, said: “Creativity has always been at the forefront of Times Square signs, and this month’s content soaring across the canyon of Times Square is no exception. Statis reinforces the scope of this program, drawing crowds to Times Square to interact with the signs and showcasing the work of new, cutting edge-artists each night.”

“My collaborators and I are grateful for this unique opportunity to launch the program in the New Year and share our cosmic imagery and understanding on this amazing platform with the people of New York City,” said artist Taxiplasm. The artist's work was highlighted in Art in America’s review of video at Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2012.