Long Low Line

Danielle Dean

47 Canal

Interdisciplinary artist Danielle Dean deconstructs the narratives of consumer culture in the heart of Times Square with Long Low Line. Through animations rendered in watercolor, Dean reimagines archival American auto advertisements, removing the cars from their sweeping fictional landscapes to peel back the illusions of capitalism and aspirational consumerism. Referencing the continuous movement of both industrial assembly lines and multiplane camera techniques, Dean uses linear panning to journey through sun-kissed mountain ranges and empty architectural ruins. Eerie and partially denuded columns harken to the ways in which natural rubber was tapped from trees to support the mass production of the auto industry.

The vignettes in Long Low Line are specifically inspired by advertising campaigns for “Fordlândia”, a town built amidst the Brazilian Amazon rainforest in the 1920s to source the rubber. By extrapolating the idealized imagery originally employed to justify mass consumption and environmental extraction, Dean reclaims the visual language of advertising to imagine new fantastical environments in one of the world’s most iconic commercial spaces. Long Low Line offers a conceptual space to consider the relation between the environment, imagined or real, and consumer capitalism.

January’s presentation in Times Square stems from a longer version of Long Low Line (2019), presented at the 2022 Whitney Biennial Quiet As It’s Kept. Dean’s Midnight Moment coincides with her exhibition at 47 Canal titled Horizongrabber, on view from December 8, 2022 – January 28, 2023.

Effect animation for Long Low Line by Marjolaine Lebrasseur.


Danielle Dean is an interdisciplinary artist whose work explores the geopolitical and material processes that colonize the mind and body. Dean received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts and is an alumna of the Whitney Independent Study Program. She recently worked on a new commission for Performa 21, New York, (2021); Amazon Proxy and a solo show at The Tate Britain, London (2022); Amazon. Other solo shows include True Red Ruin at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (2018). She participated in The Whitney Biennale in New York (2022). Other group exhibitions include Freedom of Movement, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, The Centre Cannot Hold, Lafayette Anticipation, (Paris), and Made in L.A. 2014 at The Hammer Museum (Los Angeles).

Founded in 2011, 47 Canal is a contemporary art gallery located in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood.

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Photos by Michael Hull.