Mutual Core

Björk, Andrew Thomas Huang

Streaming Museum, Nordic Outbreak, MOCAtv

A video by internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter Björk was the March 2013 Midnight Moment, on fifteen of the largest digital signs in Times Square.

Björk’s work Mutual Core, directed by Los Angeles-based filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang, was edited specifically for the digital signs in The Crossroads of the World and was part of Björk’s Biophilia series, combining music with technological innovation and exploring themes of science and nature. In the video, forces of nature exploded across a futuristic landscape where volcanoes erupt from a desert floor, a snowstorm transforms the environment, and anthropomorphic rocks come to life orbiting around a goddess of nature.

The original version of the video was created by MOCAtv for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. This Midnight Moment presentation was part of the New York City launch of Streaming Museum’s Nordic Outbreak, an internationally touring exhibition of leading contemporary Nordic artists.