Stainless, 42 Street

Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar is a photographer and videographer whose work depicts daily life in the world’s biggest cities. He is fascinated by the flow of time and by glimpses of individual lives, and dreams of capturing the full reality of a group of people in a single image.

In his hypnotic video Stainless, 42 Street, Magyar slows time almost to a halt for everything but his camera, which travels down a subway platform in New York City, memorializing commuters in the moment of the train’s arrival.

Stainless, 42 Street is a part of Magyar’s international Stainless series, named for the metallic subway cars in New York City, where he started the project. Using a customized high-speed camera, he films from the window of the train as it pulls into the station, then stretches the footage to slow the movement of people on the platform to near stillness.

“I’ve been working on photographing moving subway trains for a few years, working with industrial cameras and the incredible amount of detail that only a machine eye can see. When I process the data I see an endless row of living sculptures. The film unveils the beauty that lies in the simplest of scenes and the commonest of situations. Time turned almost tangible.”

–Adam Magyar

“For Summer Season 2019, we are presenting a trio of Midnight Moments that are idiosyncratic portraits of Times Square, accentuating significant aspects of this neighborhood, and revealing almost as much about the artists who made them. Adam Magyar takes us down into the subway system, whose converging lines make Times Square the busiest transportation hub in the city. His slow motion camera brings rush hour to a nearly total stop — which sounds like a nightmare, but feels like bliss — sculpting a moment out of time to appreciate the drama and dignity in our daily commutes.”

–Andrew Dinwiddie, Acting Director, Times Square Arts

Adam Magyar (born 1972, Debrecen, Hungary) resides in Berlin, Germany and works in large urban cities around the world. His works have been exhibited in various solo and group shows internationally including the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the New York Public Library, Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester, MA, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. His work is featured in the collections of New York Public Library, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, the Nelson-Atkins Museum and numerous private and corporate collections. Light Work in Syracuse both exhibited his work in 2013 and published a monograph in their series Contact Sheet that has widespread influence and exposure. His photographs have been published in The New York Times, In the Life of Cities by the Graduate School of Design Harvard University, and Light and Lens by Robert Hirsch, and in journals including PDN and PQ Magazine in the USA, Flash Art in Hungary, Digital Camera Magazine in UK and Katalog in Denmark.


Courtesy Adam Magyar and Julie Saul Gallery, New York