Brain City

Noah Hutton

Times Square Advertising Coalition, Eyewire, The Human Brain Project, Neurodome, CLARITY

Drawing on imagery from the leading neuroscience labs around the world, Brain City was a journey through the vast avenues of the human brain. Displaying brand new digital simulations, fly-throughs, and microscopic images of neurons from several major neuroscientific endeavors including Eyewire, The Human Brain Project, CLARITY, and Neurodome, the array of screens in Times Square surrounded the viewer in the latest visual reconstructions of the brain, providing a sense of being surrounded by complex systems, inside and out.

Brain City premiered just before midnight on Saturday, November 1st, and played every night throughout November 2014 from 11:57 p.m. to midnight on Times Square’s electronic billboards. Midnight Moment is a monthly presentation by The Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. This program was supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. The November 2014 Midnight Moment was presented in partnership with The Human Brain Project, Eyewire, Neurodome, and Stanford Univerisity.

The Brain City project expanded beyond the screens to the construction barriers of Times Square - as part of Times Square Transformation - and onto a website created by Noah Hutton and Maryam Zaringhalam. The website and the barriers playfully juxtaposed the gorgeous similarities between the urban landscape and the inner pathways of the human brain.


Photographs by Sara Karens for @TSqArts.