The Jump

Jack Goldstein

Times Square Advertising Coalition, The Jewish Museum

Jack Goldstein's The Jump, digitally remastered for the billboards in Times Square, launched on August 1st, 2013.

In the 1970s, a group of young artists began appropriating images from mass media to explore and critique popular culture. Works like Jack Goldstein’s 1978 short film The Jump introduced a new language of picture making. In The Jump, Goldstein used the innovative animation technique of rotoscoping to show a leaping diver, his form a blur of red and sparkling gold, performing a somersault and disintegrating into fragments.

This film and other works by the artist were on view in JACK GOLDSTEIN × 10,000 at The Jewish Museum May - September, 2013. JACK GOLDSTEIN × 10,000  was the first American retrospective of Canadian-born artist Jack Goldstein (1945-2003). Goldstein was a key figure in the Pictures Generation and a peer of such celebrated figures as Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo, Sherrie Levine, and James Welling, among others. Enthralled by mass culture, the Pictures Generation artists took photography, film and performance in new directions, and expanded the stylistic vocabulary of painting and drawing by appropriating images from books, magazines, advertisements, television and film. The impressive range of the artist’s imagination is explored through Goldstein’s influential films and paintings as well as his pioneering sound recordings, installations and writings. JACK GOLDSTEIN × 10,000 was organized by the Orange County Museum of Art, where it was presented in 2012.  

Midnight Moment is a presentation of the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts. The August 2013 program was presented in partnership with The Jewish Museum.