Melter 2 (2003)

Takeshi Murata

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)

The Times Square Alliance collaborated with Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) to present Takeshi Murata’s extraordinary digital animation for the November 2012 Midnight Moment. Murata’s Melter 2 (2003), an abstract experiment in hypnotic movement and color, was screened as a massive multi-channel installation on a monumental scale. The piece was presented on fifteen of the Square's iconic outdoor video signs throughout seven city blocks of Times Square every night. Murata's graphic vision filled Times Square with complex rippling bands of digital color.  

"As New York continues its recovery in the aftermath of last week’s storm, Times Square can serve as a vital public space in which New Yorkers and visitors may share in a free and communal experience of art," said Lori Zippay, Executive Director of EAI. "EAI is pleased to collaborate with the Times Square Alliance to present Takeshi Murata’s extraordinary digital animation: three playful minutes of pure visual pleasure that also reflects the indomitable motion, exuberance and dynamism of the city itself."