DIÁRIO (através de um OLHO BAIANO)

Bel Borba, Burt Sun, Andre Costantini

French Institute Alliance Francaise, Crossing the Line

Times Square Arts partnered with the French Institute Alliance Française’s (FIAF) Crossing the Line Festival to present DIÁRIO (através de um OLHO BAIANO) by Bel Borba with Burt Sun & André Costantini. Bel Borba created a new ephemeral artwork each day in different locations around New York City over the course of the festival, using only recycled and found materials in the city's streets.

Brazilian artist Bel Borba used orange street barriers and other recycled materials to create a block-long installation in Times Square - giving visitors the chance to observe an internationally-renowned public artist in process. Bel Borba created the installation in view of the public on October 14th, installing it in Times Square for a 48-hour viewing before disassembling it on Monday, October 15th. The audience witnessed the artist and his lightning-speed process, as he revealed the extraordinary possibilities for the discarded material of our daily lives. This marked the last day of his 30-day series of transformations with recycled materials around New York City.

Bel Borba is the subject of the documentary Bel Borba Aquí, which celebrates the work of this prolific artist and had a two-week engagement earlier in the same month.

During the month of October, Universal Pulse, a film by Bel Borba with Burt Sun & André Costantini, also screened daily on over 15 screens throughout Times Square as part of Times Square Moment: A Digital Gallery.