Andre Costantini holds a BFA in photography and painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts. Costantini can be characterized as a multi-instrumentalist embracing art, music, writing, performance, photography and film. In 1996, André co-formed Goldleaf and Big Daddy, a performance duo where he wrote, sang and played the accordion. With panache for the bizarre, free association, pop music and 80’s references, they performed regularly in NYC’s music venues. In 1998, Mr. Costantini photographed the restoration of DaVinci’s “Last Supper” in Milan with Edie Adams, and was invited to join the Eddie Adam’s Workshop as a staff member and a master teacher where he works to this day. His recent work on Journalists in War, also chronically documented the truth and hardship to reflect the fragile humanity in a profession that constant been challenged by dedicated individuals who struggled throughout the recent history from Vietnam war to current Middle east conflict.

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