Burt Sun began his career in theater as a designer working with major American theatre artists such as Robert Woodruff, Anne Bogart, and Philip Glass, as well as in advertising, television production design, and his own fine art photography. In 2003, Mr. Sun’s multimedia project Helen DeTroit was selected by the Smithsonian Museum and presented in an exhibit titled “Skin.” Mr. Sun was involved in the restoration and inauguration of The Modern Theatre at Suffolk University in Boston, creating its new logo and publicity campaign. Mr. Sun’s photographs have been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, Central America and Brazil. In 2009, the Urban Art Institute of MASSART commissioned Mr. Sun to create a new book about Urban street art in Brazil. He traveled to Salvador Bahia and there he met the Brazilian artist Bel Borba, transforming the Urban Art Book project into a full length documentary, tilted "Bel Borba, Aqui", in which Mr. Sun produced and co-directed with his long time collaborator and photographer, Andre Costantini. In 2011, Mr. Sun assisted Bel Borba with his art exhibition in New York, and is the curator for the current show of Mr. Borba titled “Aqui, em 7 elementos” at Museum Rodin, Bahia, which opened in early 2012. This exhibit and its companion Book have been considered by many art critics as the one of the best Art exhibit in past twenty years.

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