Brazilian visual artist Bel Borba has covered his native Salvador, a 500-year-old city in Bahia, with glorious outdoor artworks, from small mosaics to large-scale pieces composed of brightly-colored broken tiles, steel, wood, recycled materials, and sand. The eclectic work beautifully channels the experiences of the communities in which he works, providing a window into the city’s rich and complex history and culture. Known as "The People's Picasso," this eclectic artist represents a rarely seen side of Brazil.

As the filmmakers Burt Sun and Andre Costantini were documenting Bel's creative process and creation in the past three years, these three artists has evolved their relationship from observer/subject (traditional documentary film-making) into a team of creative collaborators. Their objective for "Bel Borba Aqui New York" is to capture the incredible energy of this creative team in one of the most celebrated city.

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