Cabin Fever: An Alpine Fantasy

After Hours, The Drums, Ryder Cooley, Kimisin Kreft

Aspen Social Club, Hyperallergic, Clocktower Productions

An evening of music and movement with The Drums, Ryder & Hazel and Kimisin Kreft.

Brooklyn-based indie pop band The Drums created an ambient sound installation inspired by the 1950s and 60s, spiked with howling wind and the crackle of a warming fire.

Singer Kimisin Kreft performed a special music set incorporating an insect motif in the cabin-like space.

Performer Ryder Cooley was joined by Hazel, a taxidermy sheep head, to create a bittersweet performance of ballads mixing the haunting sound of the singing saw, accordion, and ukulele.

The evening culminated with the uncanny world of Ryder & Hazel merging with Kimisin Kreft in a unique sound experience.