Mission and Vision of Times Square Arts

Times Square Arts collaborates with contemporary artists to experiment and engage with one of the world's most iconic urban places.

Times Square Arts is a laboratory for contemporary art in the public realm — a place where ideas are tested and new possibilities explored. We work with diverse artists and cultural institutions to create dialogues with Times Square and all of its physical and mythological manifestations. Through the Square's electronic billboards, public plazas, vacant areas and popular venues, and the Alliance's own online landscape, Times Square Arts invites leading contemporary creators to help the public see Times Square in new ways. Times Square has always been a place of risk, innovation and creativity, and the Arts Program ensures these qualities remain central to the district's unique identity.

Submission Process

Our submission process considers solicited and unsolicited applications. All applicants should submit a Project Proposal through the online form here, to be reviewed internally for project feasibility. Some proposals may be additionally reviewed by a Committee consisting of arts leaders, Times Square stakeholders and city agency partners. We ask that applicants submit the Project Proposal form at least 6 months in advance of the exhibition opening.

To contact Times Square Arts staff at any point during the process, please call (212) 452-5203 or email arts@timessquarenyc.org.

Criteria & Special Consideration

Applicants should consider how a project responds Times Square Arts' Core Values: Collaborative, Responsive to Place, Boundary-pushing, Conversational, Transparent. Please review the details of the mission, vision and core values of the program available here.

All performances and installations on the Broadway pedestrian plazas must consider Times Square Plaza Installation and Event Regulations available here.

We work in partnership with cultural institutions, festivals and district stakeholders to best realize ambitious collaborations that make use of the district’s distinctive assets. The majority of our proposals will come through those networks of cultural partners. Individual artists may approach Times Square Arts; however, they should address how they will supply the institutional infrastructure that is needed for ambitious collaborations.

For Midnight Moment

If an applicant wishes to submit a proposal for Midnight Moment, please use the Midnight Moment online form accessible on this page — which also includes Midnight Moment Submission Guidelines and Technical Specifications.

For upcoming public art events in Times Square, please visit: This Season in Times Square.