Permitting Times Square Broadway Plazas

  • All events must be properly permitted through the Street Activity Permitting Office (for Times Square Broadway Plazas between 42nd - 47th Sts) or through NYC Parks (for Duffy Square)
  • Department of Buildings Permitting
    • Structures over 10ft height require Department of Buildings permitting
    • Staging or platforms over 2ft height that are custom-built or larger than 150sq feet (at any height) require Department of Buildings permitting

Event Infrastructure and Plaza Regulations

  • Event Footprint
    • Event site plans must be approved by Times Square Alliance and city permitting agency
    • 15ft Fire Lanes must be kept clear of any infrastructure at all times to allow safe passage for Fire Trucks
  • Physical Structures
    • Structures must be built with durability, pedestrian traffic, and excessive usage in mind
    • All events should be compliant with ADA standards
    • There is no ability to tie into the ground plane of the granite plaza. Therefore, all structures must be self-supporting
    • All structures should be able to withstand extreme weather and wind speeds up to 100 mph.
    • Plazas have a complex slope for rainwater drain-off, therefore, some method of leveling a sculpture is required in addition to materials used for ground protection
  • Plaza Protection
    • All ground infrastructure that is not on rubber wheels or protectors, must use Times Square Alliance approved event decking for proper weight distribution and to protect the ground from staining, chipping and other damage
    • The maximum weight per square foot for proper distribution is 1500lbs per square foot
    • Cranes on Broadway Plazas require MTA approval
    • Any food or drink demonstrations require a Department of Health Permit and ground protection to prevent staining plaza pavers.
      • Styrene, plywood or other material for ground covering to be approved by the Times Square Alliance

Load In / Load Out Scheduling and Logistics

  • Times Square Plaza Event Permits begin at 12:01am and end at 11:59pm. All load in, event, and load out must be done within this time frame unless otherwise approved
  • It is suggested to avoid planning events on Wednesdays or Saturdays due to mass crowding from matinée and evening Broadway shows
  • Event Load In is preferred to occur overnights between 12:01am-8:00am to avoid crowds
    • Smaller events that do not require an 8-hour Load In may begin loading in later
  • Production Parking
    • Production Parking down side-streets must be approved by SAPO and Alliance
    • No production parking allowed on Broadway Plazas during events
    • No parking in front of parking garages or building loading docks at all times, or theater marquees during show times

Public Safety

  • Event footprint must be blocked off to from public access during Load In and Load Out
    • NYPD will provide barricades free of charge for event with proper notice
      • NYPD Barricades may NOT be branded with any material or signage
      • If needing to brand barricades, event must rent their own
  • Pedestrian Flow Zones must be kept clear of any infrastructure at all times
  • Crosswalks must be kept clear at all times
  • Any cables and wires laying along a public walkway must be covered with cable covers or yellow jackets to prevent tripping hazards
  • Event Security
    • Pending size and public safety concerns, events may need to provide privately hired security with NY State Certification 


  • There is currently no shore power on the Times Square Broadway Plazas except for the southern end of the Broadway Plaza between 46th & 47th Sts
  • Duffy Square can provide 110v / 20amp standard power
    • TKTS (Red Steps) can provide up to four 20 amp circuits
    • Southern statue can provide up to 60 amps across six standard outlets
  • Generators and Cabling
    • All generators must be approved by FDNY
    • Generator street parking must be approved by SAPO and Times Square Alliance
    • Power cables cannot be flown, run along or across an active vehicular roadway
    • Power from Street Pole Tapping must be approved, permitted, and performed by Department of Transportation
    • All power cables running along an active pedestrian walkway must be properly covered with approved cable covers and/ yellow jackets

Data, Internet & Wi-Fi

  • There is currently no available internet or Wi-Fi for the Broadway Plazas
  • An outside company may be called in to provide dedicated Wi-Fi for events
  • Ethernet cable access may be requested from the Times Square Alliance only on Duffy Square and the Broadway Plaza between 46-47th Sts
  • The flying of data cables across roadways pole-to-pole must be approved, permitted and performed by Department of Transportation

Amplified Sound Regulations

  • Event permit holders must have approved sound permit from NYPD
  • Sound may be amplified between 9:00am-10:00pm (No amplified sound before 9:00am or after 10:00pm)
  • Sound levels may not go over 85dB at a distance of 10 feet from speakers
  • Many speakers may be used to surround event footprint to allow for optimal audio, pending footprint size
  • Speakers surrounding event footprint should face inwards to avoid being heard from neighboring plazas and adjacent buildings
  • Flying of sound cables across roadways from pole-pole must be permitted and approved by Department of Transportation
  • Times Square Alliance staff will approve maximum volume of amplified sound and maintains the right to lower sound levels as needed

NYC Permitting Agencies

  • Installations or events may require permits from the following:
    • Street Activity Permitting Office
    • NYC Department of Parks
    • NYC Department of Buildings
    • NYC Department of Transportation
    • NYC Department Media & Entertainment (film permits)
    • New York City Police Department
    • New York City Fire Department
    • Metropolitan Transit Authority

Project Proposal Submission Process

Our submission process considers solicited and unsolicited applications. All applicants should submit a Project Proposal through the online form here, to be reviewed internally for project feasibility. Some proposals may be additionally reviewed by a Committee consisting of arts leaders, Times Square stakeholders and city agency partners. We ask that applicants submit the Project Proposal form at least 6 months in advance of the exhibition opening.

To contact Times Square Arts staff at any point during the process, please call (212) 452-5203 or email

For any specific questions regarding the guidelines and regulations above, contact Damian Santucci, Director of Production and Operations at