Reclaimed woods bring together material, history and design and can provide generations of enjoyable use. Our work combines traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques, specializing in unconventional applications and cutting edge projects.

Every board is hand selected, and in the case of our flooring and paneling products, de-nailed, re-sawn, surface planed, straight lined ripped, and precision molded with state-of-the-art  equipment to meet the specifications of an order. It’s a time consuming process, but essential to transforming woods that have taken many centuries to mature and come together for a new project.

Our five acres of inventory are harvested from the largest source of old growth lumber in the U.S. – dismantled 19th c. factories, mills, warehouses, tenements and other structures. Over 90 percent of our woods are reclaimed from local sources, which yield some of the highest  quality antique woods that can be found, and that helps connect us to the spirit of the old growth forests and the historical structures where they were sourced.

One of the most important benefits of choosing to use reclaimed woods is the positive effect it will have on the environment, and the increased enjoyment of the woods when the project is complete. You can trust our products in projects that are pursuing the USGBC LEED standard.