Craft Workshop is a small construction firm specializing in unique residential and boutique commercial construction. The firm defines itself through its close collaboration between architects and owners, and the use of upcycling in modern construction.

Craft Workshop is based in Jersey City and has been in business for seven years, working primarily in New York city and Brooklyn. The location provides direct access to the many manufacturing and artisan resources in Newark and Jersey City, further augmenting the resources based in Brooklyn and Queens. This depth of long standing resources, combined with the firm focus on integrity, reliability and innovation, have consistently proven a rewarding experience for clients. At the end of the day, it is not just a job, you are building someone's home... it's personal.

The firm handles renovation work and home additions, including shipping container modification and re-purposing. Craft  Workshop has been awarded the 2012 Excellence in Structural Engineering Award for Outstanding Project from the National Council of Structural Engineers Association.