Hearth Warmer

Agency Agency

Devised as a high-gloss, circular table with a hot, artificial rock at its center, HEARTH WARMER would offer the city a new hearth that radiates heat throughout the day and night and provides a gathering space for both New Yorkers and tourists alike. The design encourages visitors to come closer in search of warmth and connection.



Val Heart 2019 Times Crossing

Times Crossing
Büro Koray Duman Architects

Times Crossing is two 22-foot-long by 11-foot-high walls intersecting in the middle at 90 degrees, with a heart-shaped cut-out at the center of each. Every wall would be covered with a skin of reversible sequins, one side finished with brushed metal and the other with a mirrored, red metal. The sequins would flip as visitors brush their hands on the wall, allowing them to draw loving notes or statements of passion on the installation.



Hope Sculpture

HOPE Sculpture
Isometric Studio

HOPE Sculpture would comprise four 10-foot-tall, extruded letters that spell out the word HOPE. The O is in the shape of a heart, with each letter painted a fluorescent pink and faced with translucent colored acrylic. The message is simple: we are living in a grim historic moment, and our only hope of overcoming this challenge is through love.



Pavilions Pavilion—Whole Hearts Val Heart 2019

Pavilions Pavilions—Whole Hearts

Pavilions Pavilions—Whole Hearts, a group of carefully arranged small pavilions and seats that would be distributed to community gardens across the city in their afterlives, aims to inspire serendipitous and intimate connections among visitors at Times Square while framing new relationships and exchanges beyond its initial site boundary.



Love Labyrinth

Love Labyrinth
Only If—

A heart-shaped maze of partially reflective and transparent glass cylinders, Love Labyrinth would create a continuous path between two entrances where lovers or strangers could meet. A dichroic film on the glass would change light into different colors, representing the diverse forms of love that pass through the plaza.



Human Heartedness

Human Heartedness
Splice Design Architecture DPC

Separating the two halves of Shell Rummel’s double infinity symbol and folding them into a vertical plane, Human Heartedness would playfully frame Times Square and those who walk through the installation. Colored acrylic panels would catch daytime natural light and the billboard lights at night, creating a surface of reflection at one angle and transparency at another.



Ambiguous Heart


THE AMBIGUOUS HEART playfully combines two intersecting, circular arches and triangles laid flat on the ground to form a heart shape. The aluminum installation would be perforated with ambiguous images on its interior wall and back lit by LED lights.