Jherek Bischoff's Silent Orchestra: Cistern

Jherek Bischoff

National Sawdust

RAIN OR SHINE: On August 21 and 22, 2016 on the Broadway Plaza between 43rd and 44th Streets, Jherek Bischoff's Silent Orchestra performed music from Bischoff's latest album Cistern on electronic orchestral instruments and stream through 400 sets of wireless headphones. To passersby, the ensemble was completely silent; those who had headphones were treated to an orchestral concert in the middle of Times Square – a spectacular way to perform music without violating the noise code. The finale of the concert was synchronized with a screening of Bischoff's video for “Cistern,” broadcast on numerous screens throughout Times Square. Jherek Bischoff's Silent Orchestra featured musicians from one of NYC's finest ensembles, Contemporaneous.

To learn more about the 2016 August Midnight Moment, Cistern by Jherek Bischoff, visit here.

On August 19 Bischoff presented an album release concert at National Sawdust in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. More information can be found at www.nationalsawdust.org.   

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Image courtesy of Lovis Ostenrik for @TSqArts.