Dance Arts

Shen Wei

Shen Wei, the compelling choreographer of the magnificent Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2008, viewed by over four billion people, brought his artistic talents to the streets of New York with a two-day series of guerilla performances, as part of a Tenth Anniversary celebration. The world-renowned choreographer brought his talents to the Crossroads of the World -- New York City’s Times Square -- on Thursday, October 28, 10:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 9:00 PM on Duffy Square, 46th and Broadway.

On October 28, Shen Wei launched a two-day series of guerilla performances as part of the Tenth Anniversary celebration of his performing company Shen Wei Dance Arts. Times Square passersbys were treated to a segment from the company’s piece “Re- Triptych.” The three part dance series was inspired by journeys to Tibet, Angkor Wat, and The Silk Road and invoked concepts such as “renew,” “rediscover,” and “repair.” Synchronized video produced by N9 Productions ran on the Clear Channel Spectacolor screen to coordinate with the Shen Wei dance. The event was a part of the Public Art Program of the Times Square Alliance.