Meyer Davis is a New York City‐based design boutique founded in 1999 by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. The award‐winning studio specialises in residential, hospitality, retail and workplace environments. The studio combines the principles of great design with a clear vision for the experience they seek to create, considering each new project as an opportunity to bring a unique and powerful story to life. By playing with space, form, texture, materials and light, a visual experience is developed with the intention to compel, provoke and inspire. The duo believes that great design works on multiple levels, weaving together bold design moves and striking details to ensure that when completed, each project makes an immediate and lasting impact. Not ones to chase trends, the designers are known to take creative risks. Meyer Davis enjoy seeking new and unexpected solutions to stimulate the senses and have valued lasting impact over flash since the day they first started. Both believe in the power of restraint, and their work has gone on to prove that intelligent subtraction often yields the greatest results. Meyer Davis Studio is interested in ideas, not ownership. The designers and their team are always on the lookout for new sources of inspiration and consistently adjust their learning curve to perpetuate growth and evolution.