Bask in the bright lights of Broadway at Hotel Shocard, Times Square's newest sensation. Taking inspiration from the grit and glamour of decades past and reviving it for a bold, new generation, Hotel Shocard is taking center stage as the Theater District's premiere boutique hotel.

Our name is inspired by the showcard advertisements that filled the windows of New York City businesses in decades past while our design flaunts the drama of Broadway. Our hotel name glows in true Broadway fashion from a sign spanning several stories of the building’s jet black facade. Producing a sea of golden light underneath, a classic marquee features a canopy of Edison-style LED bulbs, welcoming guests entering the hotel and restaurant.

Within the hotel, patina brass hardware details are melded throughout guest room lighting, front entrance, bars and mirrors, while reinterpreted dot matrix patterns find their way into lighting, fabric, and tile work throughout the property. Wood panels in guest rooms, inspired by old stage floors, help you take center stage for an experience of a lifetime.

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