Founded in 2016 by artists Hank Willis Thomas, Eric Gottesman, Michelle Woo and Wyatt Gallery, For Freedoms began as an investigation into how art can shape ideas, attitudes and democratic institutions in American society. For Freedoms believes in the vital role of culture and transforming our social and political systems; and that citizenship is defined by participation, not by ideology. Through anti-partisan nationwide programming, they use art as a vehicle to deepen public discussions on civic issues and core values, In essence, For Freedoms is a hub for artists, partner organizations, and citizens who want to be more engaged in public life.

In 2018, For Freedoms launched the 50 State Initiative, the largest creative collaboration in U.S. history. As part of this historic campaign, they reinterpreted Rockwell’s Four Freedoms, creating photographs that visualize the variety of American identities through the participation of over 100 activists, scholars, and artists. From the cover of Time magazine and the New York Times to hundreds of exhibitions, installations, and town halls, For Freedoms used art to deepen public discussions of our nation’s core issues and values, and to advocate for equality, dialogue, and civic engagement. The 2020 campaign focus is on not only increasing voter engagement, but a longer-term vision of a great Awakening centered around Healing, Justice and Listening, the new “Four Freedoms”.

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