We work in partnership with cultural institutions, festivals and district stakeholders to best realize ambitious collaborations that make use of the district’s distinctive assets. The majority of our proposals will come through those networks of cultural partners. Individual artists may approach Times Square Arts; however, they should address how they will supply the insitutional structure that is needed for ambitious collaborations.

Each proposal will be reviewed against artistic and strategic criteria for the program. The initial Letter of Interest must take the following core values into consideration: Collaborative, Responsive to Place, Boundary-pushing, Conversational, Transparent. Please review the details of the mission, vision and core values of the program.

Curatorial Partners who wish to submit digital art proposals for Midnight Moment may review the criteria here and then contact the staff for discussion. Please note that all submissions must have a high quality master.

Consideration must also be given to how the work will read as a digital moving image display as well as a work on its own.

Sign-up here for future opportunities for artists and arts organizations. For upcoming public art events in Times Square, please visit: Current & Upcoming Projects.