Tricia McLaughlin is a physical and digital media artist exploring the transformative effects of technology on nature with unexpected consequences. Mutant creations where function follows form stem from McLaughlin’s intuitive repurposing of robotics, biotechnology, and aeronautics. As McLaughlin explains her process,“Each painting and drawing begins as a collection of random marks on a page, allowing my subconscious mind to guide the initial creation. As the artwork develops, I start to see patterns and shapes arranging the chaos. Then I refine and define these elements, gradually transforming the initial marks into living, mechanical beings and/or structures.” Paintings are inserted into animation, 3D-designed constructions inspire paintings.

Her artwork and animations have been internationally exhibited at museums and galleries, including Palais de Tokyo, Stedelijk Museum; ARCO, Madrid, Spain; Art 42 Basel, Swiss Architecture Museum (SAM); International Incheon Women Artists' Biennale; Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts; MediaNoche New Media Gallery, NY; and the Bronx Museum. Public art projects include her 3D animation Virginia Beach Aquatecture, commissioned for the Virginia Beach Conference Center, VA, and delirious presented by ZAZ10TS in Times Square.

Tricia McLaughlin is the recipient of grants and fellowships, among them a Guggenheim Fellowship for her 3D animation, two grants from the Jerome Foundation and an Artist’s Fellowship from New York Foundation for the Arts.

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