Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (b. 1975) is an artist and composer that works with voice in the realm of spontaneous music, often under the moniker of Lichens.

Most recently, his focus in live performance and recordings has been creating patch pieces with modular synthesizer and tonal vocal work. Quality of sound through the marriage of synthesis and voice has allowed for a heightened physicality in the way of ecstatic music, both in a live setting and recorded. The sensitivity of analogue modular systems echoes the organic nature of vocal expression which in this case is meant to put forth a trancelike state. To usher in a deeper listening through sound and feeling.

Most recently as artist in residence at EMPAC, Robert produced - in collaboration with Sabrina Ratté - Peradam, a performance piece for modular synthesis (both audio and video) and voice.

Lowe has collaborated with Ben Russell, Ben Rivers, Sabrina Ratté, Rose Lazar, Hisham Akira Bharoocha, Tarek Atoui, Evan Calder Williams, Lucky Dragons, Doug Aitken, Patrick Smith, Monica Baptista, Kevin Martin, Chris Johanson, Tyondai Braxton, David Scott Stone and Rose Kallal, as well as many others.

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