Polit-Sheer-Form Office (PSFO) is a China-based art collective founded in 2005 by artists Hong Hao (b. 1965, Beijing), Xiao Yu (b. 1965, Inner Mongolia), Song Dong (b. 1966, Beijing), Liu Jianhua (b. 1962, Ji’an), and Leng Lin (b. 1965, Beijing). In 2005, PSFO had their first exhibition, Only One Wall at Beijing Commune, and the next year it travelled to Art Space, Sydney. In 2007, PSFO was taken by the media project “Art World: Polit-Sheer-Form, the Exhibition on Paper” run by the Art World magazine to the 12th Kassel Documenta. PSFO carry on their discussions in various places they’ve spent their time together, such as factories, farms, schools, famous sites of China’s civil war, places of interest, artist studios, art galleries, museums, sports sites, railway stations, docks, airports, hotels, restaurants, tea houses, bathhouses, recreation centers, department stores and kiosks.

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