Award-winning director Lotte van den Berg has been making waves in Holland as one of a new generation of artists described as the ‘young Dutch minimalists’. In her performances she explores the power of movement with a profound intensity that is both joyfully uplifting and achingly forlorn. Resisting categorization, Van den Berg’s work can nevertheless be characterized by a pared-down style with a devoted attention to detail. Her work sits between the worlds of dance, film and theatre – creating a bold, fresh style that invites the audience to different perspectives and angels. She works with professional and non-professional actors, site specific and in theaters and chooses to be inspired by what happens around us in everyday life. As was written in a Flemish newspaper: ‘Van den Berg blows a bubble round the ordinary to grasp its naked essence.’ Lotte van den Berg was born in Groningen in 1975. She studied Theatre Studies and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam before being accepted at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, Theatre Direction in 1998. In 2009 Lotte left Toneelhuis to become artistic director of a new structure called OMSK.

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