Kristian Emdal (Born in 1987) is a musician and visual artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Emdal writes and performs music under various monikers including Age Coin, Marching Church and Olymphia. Since 2010 he has performed hundreds of show across Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, representing the Copenhagen/Mayhem scene.

As part of the performance duo Emdal/Rahbek aka Olymphia, Emdal explores narratives through physical dialogue, incorporating various measures including music, dance and live sculpting. Often working in a cross section between concert theatre and performance, the duo challenges the idea of performance as a fixed time frame and often leaves a visual fingerprint that enables the narrative to continue its own life and dialogue with the site on which it takes place.

Emdal has also made a significant contribution to the Copenhagen music scene as a visual artist, especially for the Scandinavian label Posh Isolation. He has created numerous music videos and cover art for label, using his art: film; photography and collage etc...

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