Kenneth Kirschner is a composer of experimental music working at the intersection of avant-garde classical composition and contemporary electronic music. His work is characterized by a close integration of acoustic and electronic sound sources; a strong focus on harmony, pattern, and long-form development; and experimentation with techniques such as chance procedures, indeterminacy, and microtonality within a digital context. An advocate of open source practices, Kirschner releases all of his music freely online through his website, which represents a complete archive of all his published work from the 1980s to present. Recent projects include “Compressions & Rarefactions,” a nearly 7-hour album of recent compositions released on 12k Records, and “Imperfect Forms: The Music of Kenneth Kirschner,” a multimedia e-book from Berlin-based publisher Tokafi that includes essays, interviews, and artistic contributions from over two dozen journalists, musicians, and visual artists from around the world.

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