G.O.N.G. (Gathering of Noetic Generation) and the idea for WAVE formed during a call with artist Mel Chin and a team of artists who have previously collaborated with the Fundred Project and Mel Chin Studio. Artists include 2019 MacArthur Fellow Mel Chin (Egypt, NC), whose 2018 show “All Over the Place” covered 5 boroughs of NYC including Times Square; Jacob Brault (Athens, GA), Visual Artist; Pat Clifford (Cincinnati, OH), social worker and consultant for community based organizations and collaboratives;  Fabiola R Delgado (Washington, DC), Museum Professional and Independent Curator; Maps Glover (Washington, DC), performance, painter, multi-media artist; Dawne Langford (NYC / Washington DC), independent documentary producer and curator/founder of Quota Arts; Ben Premeaux (Charlotte, NC), artist and Filmmaker at The smARTlab media; MichaelAngelo Rodriguez (Washington, DC), artist working with photography and poetry; Amanda Wiles (Marshall, NC), artist and Director of Fundred Project and S.O.U.R.C.E. Studio; Elijah Williamson (Washington, DC), artist and designer; Naoko Wowsugi (Washington, DC), conceptual artist and faculty, American University. Sound made visible imagery by CymaScope.com, founded by acoustics engineer and pioneer John Stuart Reid.

WAVE was designed to express gratitude to our essential workers—especially healthcare workers. Words of appreciation honor these individuals with poetry, translated to cymatic (visible sound) imagery, expanding this intention beyond the limitation of words. WAVE is a convergence of science and art that broadcasts a heartfelt message, reflecting how each one of us, individually and collectively as a society, are deeply indebted for the sacrifices being made by those on the frontlines, as well as recognition of those enduring painful loss at this time. Here, WAVE is translated into 5 languages: Chinese, Creole, English, Russian, and Spanish.

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