Gillian Dreher is an illustrator and designer passionate about using her skills to engage, inspire, and connect. She's always looking for ways to use my visual skills to heal and energize people and spread knowledge and hope. Her goal is to use visual and therapeutic techniques to help others manage anxiety and trauma, dive deep into self reflection and unleash their creativity.

She graduated from UC Berkeley with a major in Art Practice in 2010 but drifted away from her practice soon after graduation. When her mother died in 2015, art became the way she dealt with her grief and kept herself moving forward. In early 2016 she worked on a 100 day project of “100 Badass Ladies” as a tribute to her mom and has been drawing and painting constantly ever since. She hopes that through her story and her work she can help inspire people to use creativity and physical craft as tools to work through hard things.

"I created this piece to inspire us to keep our communities and the environment in mind when we head to the polls. It's easy to get wrapped up in party politics and personal agendas, but in doing so we often lose sight of the world that we're creating. Together our votes can create a future in which communities and our earth, rather than just individuals, are supported and thrive. I'm so honored to have this piece featured in Times Square-- I never imagined that this work could be shared at such a large scale and am so grateful to Times Square Arts and Amplifier for the opportunity!"

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