Ebe Oke crafts exquisite pop music. From an early age, his artistic practice has been multi-disciplinary with work in various media including photography, design, performance, poetry, video and storytelling. Born in southern Georgia, the musician mixes a sense of mythology with the traditional art of song.

“As if floating in a balloon, he drifts gorgeously through an exotic world – sometimes the song is immersed in the sounds of birds and insects, which may connect with his childhood spent on an exotic bird farm. Vocally, there are tinges of David Grubbs and David Sylvian, and like these artists, Ebe is at ease with avant garde procedures, having studied in Germany with Karlheinz Stockhausen. This is heady, almost narcotic music, based on a strongly poetic sensibility and purity of vision.” –Clive Bell, Wired magazine

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