Cory Arcangel is a contemporary American multimedia artist. Best known for his post-Internet video art that conflates digital schema and contemporary culture, his work explores nostalgia and the shifting boundaries of online space. It was in 1996, while studying classical guitar at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, that he first had a high-speed Internet connection – inspiring him to major in music technology and start learning to code. Both music and coding remain his key tools for interrogating the stated purpose of software and gadgets. Outcomes can be surprising, funny and poignant, whether in the final form of installation, video, printed media or music composition, in the gallery or on the world wide web.

His fame and critical acclaim have only grown over the course of his career, highlighted by exhibitions like  “Topline”, CC Foundation (2019), "All the small things", Reykjavik Art Museum (2015), “Pro Tools”, Whitney Museum (2011), "Beat the Champ", Barbican Art Centre (2011), "The Sharper Image" Moca Miami (2010), and "Nerdzone Version 1" at Migros Museum (2005).

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