Brandan “BMike” Odums is a New Orleans-based visual artist, activist and mentor. In 2012 he began experimenting with graffiti, its temporary nature led him to adopt spray painting as his primary medium. His biggest project is the Be Trilogy, consisting of ProjectBe, Exhibit Be, and Studio Be. Each segment features murals and installations open to the public. The Florida Housing Department, the original location of ProjectBe, has since been demolished however some murals were reconstructed in Studio Be. Odum’s work which often depict historical figures, contemporary creatives, and everyday people engages the public in a transnational dialogue about the intersection of art and resistance. In this age that has seen the nation’s first Black president, the resurgence of popular interest in law enforcement violence, and the emergence of the self-care movement Odums’ work captures the attention of and inspires Black American activists. His public art can be found in several states including New York, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. He continues to do commissioned work, having worked with important organizations, brands, and public figures including, Nike, Cadillac , Red Bull , Starz, Spotify , OnStar , Bleacher Report,  Complex , Revolt TV,  Amnesty International , Colin Kaepernicks’ Know My Rights Camp, Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY, Common’s Imagine Justice, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival , Boys & Girls Club, and more.

For Messages for the City: Dreaming Forward

About We Are Our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams: “Several years ago an email appeared in my inbox, the subject read "You are your ancestors wildest dream." It was sent from a friend hoping to inspire me at a time when I needed it most. From that day on that phrase ignited and protected me during my darkest hours. It appeared in countless of my paintings and the idea became a huge part of my drive. I'm happy to continue to pass on this idea in hopes that the same thing it did for me, it will do for you. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams.”

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