Dancer and choreographer of the par Terre Dance Company, Anne Nguyen is first and foremost a b-girl, specialising in hip-hop floorworks. She has performed with many hip-hop and contemporary dance companies such as Black Blanc Beur, Faustin Linyekula and Salia Nï Seydou… She formed part of the breakdance crews RedMask in Montreal, as well as Phase T, Def Dogz and Créteil Style in Paris, and has taken part in hundreds of battles, either solo or in groups, winning several high-profile competitions, such as IBE 2004 or BOTY 2005.

Anne Nguyen also writes poetry, short prose items and articles on dance (Danser magazine, Repères, cahier de danse). Excerpts from her collection of poems, the Manual of the City Warrior have been published in Graff It ! magazine, on which she was chief editor of the dance section. Several pieces performed by the Company incorporate Anne Nguyen’s texts, recorded or spoken (Square Root, Spirit of the Underground). Since 2012, she has taught a technical and theoretical workshop on hip-hop dance at the University of Sciences Po Paris, called Hip-hop, a contemporary culture.

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